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Redefining how an ASX company connects with customers

Youcamp began life in 2013 when two NSW South Coast landholders realised that all around them were beautiful places on private land that could be visited by the public if only there was a way for travellers and property owners to connect.

Client / Youcamp

Digitising YouCamp’s rented campsite business

ASX-listed Super Retail Group and partner YouCamp were looking for a way to digitally bring to life YouCamp’s rented campsite business while activating SRG’s membership database. Loud&Clear were charged with coming up with concepting, prototyping and testing the user interface, designing the information architecture that brought the creative idea to life, then building and executing on it.

A seamlessly integrated eCommerce experience

The solution was a peer to peer connected commerce platform. This platform connects outdoor enthusiasts to the landowner who will rent campsites in an ‘AirBNB’ style service. Members of the ecosystem can also share their gear, services and resources via a peer-to-peer marketplace.


The platform is built in PHP on Laravel, with Backbone.js in the frontend. It’s highly modular, enabling it to be rolled out to separate divisions within Super Retail Group through skinning and configuration file updates.

Loud&Clear conducted user testing based on clickable prototype wireframes developed by our team. User feedback then informed the visual design process.