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Replatforming rewards for Australia's largest Telco

The Telstra employee portal wasn’t in sync with Telstra’s position as a world leading technology company. We were engaged to deliver a new digital platform that was user-friendly, visually driven and fully responsive, whilst also capturing Telstra’s new brand vision.

Client / Telstra

Aligning the Telstra employee portal with that of a world leading technology company

The Telstra employee portal—accessible to over 50,000 Telstra staff and contractors to redeem exclusive rewards and benefits—had been around for a number of years and wasn’t hitting the numbers.

Employees didn’t know about it, it was hard to access, wasn’t engaging from both a design and functionality perspective and above all, wasn’t in sync with the Telstra position as a world leading technology company.

Telstra engaged Loud&Clear to conduct a strategic review of the website and deliver a new digital platform. Using data from Google Analytics and user surveys, the team created a strategic vision for the new rewards website. We set out to create a “Scoopon for Telstra Employees” making it easy to find out about and take up the exclusive deals and rewards available to them. Throughout the process we engaged in regular feedback sessions and showcases with key Telstra stakeholders to ensure that all business divisions were on the same page.

Kentico was the right platform for this digital solution. Using this framework we developed a sleek user-friendly, visually driven, fully responsive site that captures the new Telstra brand. The design brought forward more areas for marketing offers directly to Telstra staff. Content can be personalised based on their location, demographic and previous buying behaviour.

The sites content management system put Telstra in the driver’s seat, enabling them to maintain the site by managing (adding, editing and removing) products and services as required via the Kentico CMS dashboard.