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Using Virtual Reality to showcase NBN for Telstra sales

Telstra required an innovative, digital solution to create hype and support the theme of “Our Brilliant Now” at their launch event. Loud&Clear had just 6 weeks to pull it off.

Client / Telstra

Bringing to life the possibilities that a connected home powered by NBN can bring to customers

Loud&Clear set out to create a digital experience that would get people talking and add impact to the launch, but also align with the Telstra strategy of being a world class technology company.

To achieve this we created a visually rich HTML5 website that engaged users through Google Cardboard. Using a 3D virtual reality experience, we brought to life the possibilities that a connected home powered by NBN can bring to customers. Users were invited to teleport themselves to see the possibilities through engaging in a 360 degree experience. The content showcased the features of NBN in a futuristic style home. When viewing the website through Google Cardboard by hovering over various items in the house, the user was presented with content about the NBN.


Our team created ground-breaking new technology allowing a rich VR experience to run in-browser, with no app downloads required.

The interactive solution generated much engagement amongst regional stakeholders and customers. At the event, Telstra staff members didn’t just want to have conversations about the NBN because it was their job to do so, rather, the majority of users showed signs of genuinely believing in the product and willingly becoming product advocates.

The low-cost deployment and ease of self-service of the experience meant that employees across all launch areas, including those who were not in customer-facing roles, were able to widely share the experience and confidently advocate for Telstra on the NBN to their friends and family located in NBN Ready For Service areas.

Furthermore, in NBN launch markets where the Google Cardboard virtual reality experience was used to engage employees, the Telstra overall launch market share was on average 10% higher than in previous markets where BAU activity was utilised.