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Creating a connected experience for the Telstra Leader Program

Telstra is in the midst of a transformation to become a world leading technology company. To redefine the company’s leadership and embed a future-state of mind in it’s top tier executives, Telstra partnered with Loud&Clear to demonstrate a new way of thinking.

Client / Telstra

From a telco to world leading techco

Telstra is in the midst of a massive transformation – put simply, it’s ‘evolving from a telco to a techco. To support this transition, and to achieve the vision of a world leading technology company, Telstra CEO Andy Penn launched an initiative to redefine the company’s leadership and the need was realised for a new leadership program that would embed a future-state of mind in it’s top tier executive leaders. A leadership program that encourages personal accountability to understand the rapidly changing needs of its customers and people, that creates an environment to drive world-class performance, and that can execute on Telstra’s strategy empowering people to connect.

To demonstrate and embed the new way of thinking, the leadership program needed to offer an immersive world-leading connected experience that truly transcended the boundaries of our digital and physical worlds. And as Loud&Clear had a four year track record with Telstra pushing the boundaries of such connected experiences, the challenge became; how we could again deliver something very special that made the traditional learning experience come alive—an experience and championed and demonstrated and on the ground commitment to Telstra’s vision of a world class technology company that empowers people to connect.

Iteratively prototyping, testing and optimising the user experience early

To best design how the digital experience could enhance the physical experience, we approached the project with design thinking—observing and listening deeply to the distinct wants and needs of collaborating stakeholders across multiple Telstra business divisions. This process allowed us to clearly identify the many digital/physical touch points of the three phases spanning the 20-week period of the program, ‘Prepare’ the pre work phase, the five-day workshop at the core of the program, and the post work ‘Apply’ phase. It was very important that the experience was intuitive from the the moment the delegate was introduced to the program, the design thinking process allowed us iteratively prototype and test and optimise the user experience early. Early testing also enhanced our ability to get as close as possible to ‘getting it right’, as we moved into our first pilot of two. This granted us more time in the subsequent sprints to finesse and enhance the experience.

Servicing the requirements of the pre work ‘Prepare’ and post work ‘Apply’ phases is a responsive web platform. Pre work—The delegates use the web platform to complete the Telstra-developed pulse survey to measure effectiveness in Telstra’s leadership competencies and a  Leadership Impact survey, aimed at developing participants’ insight into their own leadership.

Meshing together the digital and physical learning experience

During the five-day workshop, the native iOS iPad app takes over and meshes together the digital and physical learning experience. For the delegate, the app (designed as a powerful learning assistant) builds the course through the week and leads delegates through each day serving bespoke and tailored content based on individual leadership diagnostics entered during the pre work phase, and allows delegates to build models, ambitions and goals. The ‘digital coach’ prompts participants to record their reflections. The app digests and stores all content entered during the workshop and resurfaces at the appropriate time in the Apply phase. Other features of the app include  a chatbot that welcomes and onboards each delegate, and live polling functionality that feeds back in real time in app and on displays adding to the digital/physical convergence that empowers people to connect.


The program has been exceptionally well received. This is indicated by reaction survey results from six cohorts at the completion of the five-day workshop delivering an average NPS score of +90.

For the the facilitator, the iPad acts as a powerful tool to control the complete running of the conference agenda, including the serving of content to the twelve presentation screens, agenda locks to promote delegate mindfulness by opening and closing content at the right time and a notifications platform to communicate with delegates spread out over the conference site.

After the conference, in the Apply phase, the delegates consolidate what they’ve learned by using the web platform to access all content recorded into the app, such as reflections, activities and resources, their own three-minute strategy presentations and commitments to lead differently. The platform then continues to serve on the job tasks and host virtual web sessions.

The program will continue to run every week for the next four years, supported by robust test and learn feedback loops which will allow Loud&Clear, with Telstra, to drive its evolution with monthly optimisation.