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Connecting Telstra's future ways of working

Loud&Clear were approached to work alongside Telstra within their future ways of working (FWOW) environment “The Landing” to help implement creative, technical solutions to facilitate the Telstra vision of working flexibly within the multi-purpose space.

Client / Telstra

How technology and the workplace can create a brilliant connected workplace

We spent a lot of time with the team at Telstra, understanding their vision for the space and identifying what we could bring to the table. We wanted to move away from the traditional version of a shared space where a receptionist meets you at the door towards a self-led and discoverable place. This meant creating a digital concierge.

We created a mobile application “The Landing App”. A digital experience that integrated tightly with the look, feel and experience of the landing and allowed users to know where they were within the landing at all times. To achieve interior locating BlueCat beacons were used to see how people were moving within the space. Notifications could be sent at just the touch of a button which meant that people didn’t have to pack up their laptops and equipment every time they need to speak to someone. With a hyper flexible interface, through the use of cards, the app nurtures the user through the space providing them with bite sized information on areas they are interacting with.


The Landing app is a confluence of ideology, design, and technology that creates moments of delight for Telstra staff and visitors. Working flexibility is an important part of the future for Telstra. The Landing and app demonstrate how technology and the workplace can create a brilliant connected workplace.