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'Mobile first & mixed reality' driving change at Telstra

Together with Telstra, we set out to overcome the limitations of traditional e-learning, creating a rewarding and beneficial learning experience, and delighting their people.

Client / Telstra

Training the time poor modern employee

Insight Academy is Telstra’s CFO sponsored Finance and Strategy Program and is designed to help drive better insights across the entire Telstra business when dealing with data. Initially designed as a two day face to face program, we saw a need to create a digital, self-paced and compact training component that serves both as a refresher for face to face participants, and a complete program for the majority of Finance & Strategy employees who wouldn’t experience the two day face to face course.

Data told us that a modern employee realistically has just under 1% of the week to dedicate to training, therefore it was paramount that we created an experience people would want to come back to, that acknowledged their busy schedules and how they liked to learn. We needed the app to mirror real world behaviours—the way digital content was naturally consumed—to deliver a unique and outstanding learning experience.

The Insight Academy training app with smart chatbot, augmented reality, deep learning, and real time content creation does just that.

Validating assumptions and defining hypotheses

We approached the challenge using both design thinking and agile processes. This allowed us to very quickly land on a clickable proof of concept prototype that over two days of user research and testing, validated two important content delivery hypotheses. Firstly, that the learning platform would be used more often if it was a mobile app used in ‘downtime’, for example; waiting for a meeting to start, or the daily commute. And secondly, to support hypothesis one; the content needed to be snack-sized, self-serviced and vetted for excellence, delivered in chunks of five minutes or less to ensure the cohort could train when this time became available.

The content needed to be snack-sized, self-serviced and vetted for excellence, delivered in chunks of five minutes or less.

Seamlessly blending digital and real world using augmented reality and cutting edge technology

At the core of the self-service mobile app is a chatbot called Larry. Larry is a familiar, friendly guide, smart enough to know where you left off, where you need to be and help you stay on track. Larry provides context and coaching and leads the user through the program to discover content including videos, TED talks, guides, reference points, and activities.

For some of the activities, left versus right brain testing told us using a pen was more efficient, so native mobile features allow the user to print, draw, capture the work done, and save. Furthermore, upon printing the worksheets, the user is able to use the camera in their device to gain an augmented reality view of the worksheet in which key sections and data are highlighted as they view the page.

From the carefully planned UX and interface design principles to the cutting edge technology that seamlessly blends digital and real world using augmented reality – everything about this app is best in class, ensuring our users get the most out of every aspect of the journey they embark on while overcoming the challenges of traditional e-learning.