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Sky Zone
Sky Zone Sky Pos Payment System
The Problem

Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park can hold up to 200 people jumping on trampolines and up to 200 people waiting to jump at any given time. Along with their website design and development, Sky Zone engaged Loud & Clear to create a mobile POS system that would allow staff to move people around the venue into different waiting areas.

POS hardware is traditionally expensive to replace and takes a while to deliver, and with the size and operation of Sky Zone, they couldn’t afford to have the technology turned off. We needed to deliver a flexible system that would lend itself to upskilling all of the new employees with the opening of the venue.

“The real win for us was the user experience was seamless. We managed to create a robust and full featured standalone POS through tight integrations.”

Jeremy Scott

Our Approach

With sound knowledge of the Sky Zone digital eco-system, we developed a fuss-free cloud POS system that links SkyPos with their online booking system, CRM and website, allowing staff to check bookings and run venue administration tasks, all from their smartphone. The system was designed to run on an iPod Touch, so in the case of breakage or loss, it would only cost $200 for a hardware replacement, unlike traditional POS hardware.

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