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Revolutionising B2B customer management with L’Oreal

L’Oreal, world leader in beauty, saw that the absence of a B2B eCommerce site for their SME business customers to have the option of ordering products online was something they needed to address.

Client / L’oreal B2B Portal

L’Oreal approached Loud&Clear with their desire to revolutionise the way in which L’Oreal is digitally engaging and integrating with their B2B clients. They wanted to develop an online B2B customer management and ordering portal to enable customers (ie hair salons and pharmacies) to order products direct, lessening the reliance on sales representatives to secure sales. Using Drupal CMS we created a web based platform allowing SME business customers to catalogue products online across multiple L’Oreal brands.

The solution utilises and integrates with L’Oreal’s existing order management system SAP. The customer logs in with their SAP  ID – each store has a single user name/password to access the portal. Only products that the account is eligible to purchase are displayed. All product pricing, customer info, shipping information as well as minimum and maximum spend is obtained from SAP files. Each product within the ecommerce site has an image and description sourced from SKUVantage. The customer is able to add products to their cart and view available variants.

Once the customer has placed an order on the portal, their sales representative will be automatically alerted and will have a 30 minute window to get in touch to upsell, therefore not eliminating them from the process. During this 30 minutes the customer is able to edit their order. Once the order is processed, email confirmations are sent via Salesforce. The solution is a web based application, responsive for mobile, tablets and desktops; ultimately it streamlines their user experience for wholesale clients.