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Audience immersion for Screen Australia

With the Australian comedy thriller Kill Me Three Times soon to be released, Loud&Clear was invited to help create a high-tech interactive campaign to promote the film. The producers came to us with an idea that would pique people’s interest in the characters and their story and it was up to us to bring it to life and make it happen.

Client / Kill Me Three Times

Making transmedia feel very real, and deeply personal

We set out to create something truly immersive and wanted the experience to feel real and personal. The campaign was designed as a story extension that takes place just prior to the first scene in the movie.

In the opening sequence of the experience, the user witnesses and films a hired gunman execute a brutal hit. The user gets away but has the evidence on their phone and the hitman wants both destroyed.

We hooked into the idea that the user would need to feel like they were being followed, and that the hitman was closing in. Our concept took transmedia to a whole new level, with users getting contacted via Twitter, SMS, email and phone calls. We ensured that the content they received was personalised every step of the way, using APIs of Nexmo, Twitter and SMSGlobal to distribute it, making it seem like the characters from the film had entered their world. This involved videos featuring their real life family and friends, emails from a close friend, a realistic snapshot of a newspaper front page and even personalised calls from the police asking the user what they knew about the murder.

We loved the challenge of using the tools we deploy everyday for serious enterprise applications and putting them to work to deliver this engaging campaign.