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Rapid fan growth and customer acquisition

Bosch Australia was looking for a fun and simple way to engage its audience on Facebook in the lead up to Christmas. They wanted to run an 'over-the-wall' competition to maximise engagement and visibility.

Client / Bosch

A beautiful Winter Wonderland at Christmas time delivers significant fan growth

Loud&Clear had been collaborating with Bosch Australia on quarterly Facebook campaigns to increase Likes and user engagement, each themed around a different season. We knew from experience that Bosch’s online audience were drawn to strong visual campaigns, so when Christmas time arrived, we proposed a detailed Winter Wonderland 3D illustration in which we could “hide” different Bosch power tools.

Each day we gave Bosch’s Facebook followers new clues as to the prizes’ whereabouts, and the landscape shifted to accommodate these new items and clues. The Winter Wonderland campaign drove a substantial increase in ‘Likes’ for the Bosch Facebook page, and created a dynamic interactive landscape to give Bosch’s user base a unique brand experience.