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Getting personal with AVJennings and Sitecore 8

Working with AVJennings, we consolidated their 35 individual microsites into a single unified website. Throughout the project we found ways to use personalisation to enrich the experience for customers, whilst tackling a range of data based problems.

Client / AVJennings

A one size fits all approach to the build wouldn’t work

AVJennings is the nation’s oldest home builder and, over its 80 year history, has established itself as one of the most trusted brands in Australian property. Loud&Clear has worked with AVJennings since 2013, and in January 2016, we were engaged to rebuild their corporate website.

The initial project was to consolidate some 35 individual microsites into a unified and responsive website, and upgrade AVJennings ineffective, inefficient and outmoded CMS and CRM. It soon became apparent that they needed to re-evaluate their entire digital-customer experience, as a one size fits all approach to the build wouldn’t work. So our challenge grew to include: how best to collect new data and unearth existing data trapped in unavailable data silos, and to personalise and enrich the experience of customers (based on their unique wants and needs). The Sitecore 8 Experience Platform aligned perfectly with the needs of the project, the AVJennings customers, and the known requirements of the business.

A design thinking methodology ensured a wide range of AVJennings stakeholders could contribute equally

To jumpstart the process, we ran a series of design thinking workshops in AVJennings state offices around Australia.

In the workshops we learned how much AVJennings business differed from state to state, depending on nuances in the property market and the changing face of Australian communities (i.e. the development of high-density communities). These learnings (and many others) informed the production of clickable wireframes that were user tested iteratively over a two month period. This user testing helped form a ‘consolidated view’ that further informed the website roadmap and priorities. Next came a series of follow-up workshops, where we showcased two website concepts to each AVJennings state office. These helped us develop a revised concept that was prototyped into a fully clickable HTML experience that ‘felt’ complete in user testing.

The cyclical design thinking process of empathy, definition, ideation, prototyping and testing enabled us to develop a technology solution for AVJennings that was grounded in human need.

  • Our digital marketing team built out personalisation workflows within Sitecore 8 to deliver content based on customer location and previous browsing behaviour
  • The website was built using a suite of global components made locally available to state and community level administration allowing individual landing pages to be built. This meant each state could showcase and celebrate their community’s personality and character.

In addition, our technical solution built out approximately 40 individual page templates and forms, and integrations with Salesforce, Dynamics AX, and, all within Sitecore. This streamlined the administration workflows, which now acted as a single source of data. TDS allowed continuous integration, enabling us to maintain a team of 7 developers on the website, ensuring rapid delivery.


Our content team then performed a Content Gap Analysis, identifying requirements in line with the developing information architecture. Furthermore, our search and discovery specialist was embedded within our content team to ensure the content met the requirements for organic search rankings. We produced new content for the website, including video and animation production.

With the new AVJennings website and data availability live, we have moved into phase 2 of doing data driven testing (in real time) to take personalisation to the next level and roll learnings into all digital experiences and state based marketing.