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Proof of Concept
Allianz Learning App PoC
The Problem
Allianz, one of the world’s largest financial services companies, identified an opportunity to transform their induction, learning and compliance process. The existing process was dated and dull, while the tools used to distribute the content were neither relevant nor credible to the increasing number of millennials being hired.

Because the onboarding process was a new employee's first major touchpoint with the organisation, Allianz needed a groundbreaking but carefully considered digital induction tool. This tool would digitally transform the business from the inside out and sell Allianz’ exciting vision and customer centric culture.

Loud&Clear was engaged to deliver a proof of concept prototype that would allow Allianz to test the opportunity, and ultimately build a business case for the full and future rollout.
Our Approach
Employee onboarding, learning and compliance processes in organisations as large at Allianz always come with stakeholder complexity. Legal, Compliance, IT, HR, and Recruitment all have their conflicting wants and needs. To counter this, we employed design thinking, an excellent innovation tool for tackling complex systemic challenges. By facilitating forums inclusive of all stakeholders, we enabled them to express their views and stay aligned with the voice and truths of the user. This knowledge, when combined with our clients appetite to understand how design thinking could get this product to market quicker (for a fraction of the cost of ‘big consultancies’), helped us to quickly agree design thinking methodology would ensure we could deliver all requirements.

We kicked-off the project with a day long, multi-stakeholder ‘invent’ ideation workshop. We ensured everyone was heard equally and given an opportunity to express reasons why they didn’t think the project could be successful. We were able to learn about Allianz’ vision, objectives, known requirements, risks, technical considerations and - importantly - any pain points, concerns, or limiting factors.  By unpacking concerns early in the process and giving all contributors equal voice, we built unity and support around the fundamental design thinking process, namely aligning to the voice of the user and focusing on what users want. 

By the end of the ‘invent’ workshop, personas had been developed for the two user groups—the ‘Millennial learner/new inductee’ and the ‘Seasoned/tenured employee’. We’d also built consensus around clarity and prioritisation for the mobile first coaching and capability platform, which allowed us to begin building a low-fidelity ‘prototype’ within 24 hours. To validate assumptions made during the workshop, Allianz gave us full access to their learner baser ‚Äčto validate with user testing. The feedback informed us of immediate user experience enhancements, which were added to the prototype and rolled out into a high-fidelity tablet and desktop experience.

The resulting prototype is an innovative high utility digital product that is both beautiful aesthetically and functionally. Most importantly, it has given a view to the feasible opportunity for Allianz, to radically transform its’ onboarding, compliance and learning experience.

The project's success was underpinned by the ability of Allianz to trust that our facilitated design thinking process would achieve better outcomes faster and exercise the needs of the process. These included championing the equality of the process, inviting the breadth and depth of contribution to the democratised ideation day, and the ongoing ability of the Allianz project owners to hook everyone up to the locomotive. 

The platform is currently in beta and is about to move into a 2nd phase for rollout.
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