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Re-imagining how customers connect with AGL

Moving house is a real hassle. AGL’s challenge was to create a customer experience that takes the pain away from moving energy to a new address, and delighted their customers with how fast and easy it was.

Client / AGL

From cross-functional ideation workshops to rapid prototyping, and then ready for customer testing the very next day

In late-2016, we were engaged by AGL as their UX design and build partner for the delivery of key components of their $300m digital transformation. This included overhauling 30 customer interactions identified as ‘signature moments’. AGL’s One Minute Move was the first ‘signature moment’ project L&C tackled. It was considered a cornerstone project and able to establish potentially challenging new ways of working for AGL. Our approach with AGL was twofold: ‘get right’ the customer experience for one of the more difficult categories, and make light work of the ‘signature moments’ program’s ongoing delivery.

To achieve this we employed a design thinking process, embedding user experience designers, visual designers and front end developers with AGL stakeholders to create cross-functional teams. These teams participated in 90 minute ‘invent’ ideation workshops, where rapid prototyping solutions were designed and built, ready for customer testing the very next day. What was learned during customer testing was then quickly applied as prototype enhancements and taken back into the next ideation workshop. This meant we could rapidly redefine the experience customers had when connecting AGL services at a new address.

It took just 4 ideation sessions to arrive at a solution, and just 6 weeks from the first idea to the tested high definition prototype, which extended the mobile first solution into desktop.

The AGL One Minute Move—the moving experience redesigned

Together with AGL, we quickly redesigned the moving experience for their customers, creating a product that was super fast and easy to use. It now takes customers less than one minute (with no need to call anyone) to change their address a surprisingly delightful moving experience that instills trust in AGL’s ability to deliver excellent customer experience.

The success of the project was due to the success of the process; AGL’s ability to explicitly trust their customers (who provided feedback to Loud&Clear in near to real time), and AGL’s ability to keep up with the high-velocity and cadence of the project delivery methodology, made sure this was the case.

We are currently rolling out the design thinking methodology used for AGL’s One Minute Move, across another 4 signature moments.