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The Problem

AFL Fantasy is the official fantasy sports game of Australia's most popular code, and in 2014 Loud&Clear's joint venture FanHub was tasked with taking the game to new heights.  Our mission was to create a richer, more interactive experience for the game's dedicated fanbase, while introducing a fresh new design that would attract a broader user base and make fantasy more accessible for first-time players.

FanHub was born out of Loud&Clear's love of technology and sports, and building AFL Fantasy has allowed us to bring the two together in a compelling way.

Our Approach

We set out to build a platform that not only increases and enhances fan engagement, but redefines the category of fantasy sports in Australia.

The makeover kicked off with thorough market research to gain insights into popular, must-have features. We studied fantasy across a range of leagues and codes, and ran focus groups with core audience segments which saw us release 70 new features over the course of the season. This included integrating realtime data feeds and live scoring to reflect on-field activities within seconds on the app.

Supported by the Loud&Clear team, FanHub redesigned the application end-to-end to create a new streamlined and seamless user-experience from sign up to game day. We added a first-time native IOS and Android application to the AFL Fantasy portfolio, allowing users to play the game on their mobile phones and tablets, just as they would on their desktop computers at home.

The game’s following was already big, so it was imperative for us to develop a platform that could handle hundreds of thousands of users at once. We built it in Angular JS, making live scoring features lightening quick.

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