Data Science & Analytics Consulting

As a leading technology consultancy, we predict consumer behaviour for our clients and help them achieve a competitive advantage with data.

We use data intelligence, behavioural science and creative technology to deliver the insights and ideas that deliver a human connection at scale, in a world where big data is playing an ever-increasing role.

Simple, actionable insights are critical to revealing the effectiveness of a marketing plan, and informing future strategies. As part of data analytics consulting, we uncover those insights through collaboration, working with our clients on multivariate testing, tracking user journeys both online and offline and auditing data.

Our world-class experiences are used by twelve million Australians every month. We use data to constantly refine, improve and better target our digital strategies to create those human experiences and improve them.


Here’s how our data science, analytics and insights can help you:

Technology changes, but human emotions stay the same. Loud&Clear’s team of data consultants delivers analysis and optimisation in order to drive ever-increasing returns, based around beautiful human experiences.

  • We build customer-centric and data-driven solutions, delivered by experienced consultants who help solve your category, personalisation and customer experience challenges.
  • We use data science to analyse customers’ motivations and behaviours and employ technology to maximise impact. We leverage competitive analysis, customer journey mapping and deep insights into customer intent to drive ROI.
  • We combine advanced website analytics with behavioural science to achieve the best understanding of your current and prospective customers.  
  • We use segmentation and predictive science to evolve your data into campaigns and platforms that drive engagement, acquisition and growth.
  • We use data to inspire a positive response from customers and change behaviour.