Make something people love.

It’s four words that take on the world.

Four words that make the world a better place.

It’s why we work at Loud&Clear, and how we work with each other.
It connects us to what’s important.
It drives us to solve complex problems.

It’s both what gets us up in the morning, and the flash of imagination that wakes us up in the middle of the night.


Who we are

We’re Avanade. In August 2018, Loud&Clear was acquired by Avanade to become its first digital innovation studio in Asia Pacific. 


At Loud&Clear, everyone is from everywhere and we have found our way here because we’re the best at what we do and, we’ve bought into a common purpose, the outcome. At the end of the day, we believe in the outcome. And we know value is created for our clients when we put products in their customer’s hands.

Walk the floor of any of our offices, and you’ll meet Business Analysts, Experience Designers, Project Managers, Developers, Data Analysts, Quality Assurance Engineers and Creatives living our purpose. It’s a fun place to be.

The story so far

Loud&Clear was founded by Ben, Joel and Cade, who shared a desire to build their own products. Products they built, became products their friends used. Those friends wanted Loud&Clear to help them build their own products too. They then shared their products with their friends, who in turn wanted to build their own products and, well, you know how networks work… those people became Loud&Clear’s first clients.

Almost a decade later, we’re still building products. For ourselves, and our clients. What’s changed though, is that the products we’ve built now service over 12 million users worldwide each month.

Along the way, we’ve incubated startups in our offices and watched them fly the coop as they themselves have grown. We’ve partnered with clients to help bring products to market, from ASX listed companies to individuals with a bright idea and the will to see it succeed (looking at you

We can do all of this because we’re passionate about the outcome and delivering value at velocity. Our collective passion gives us the ability to continue to ‘make something people love’.

What we do

We’re an outcome focussed turbo-boost for organisations looking to deliver innovative customer-centric products and experiences to their audiences.

We’re design led, data obsessed, pixel perfect and future thinking. We solve challenges that exist right now, and deliver outcomes that scale with your future.

Loud&Clear are fast. We don’t believe delivering a PDF with fancy diagrams adds any value. We believe in putting products in your customer’s hands and testing, iterating and evolving until your customers fall in love with it.

Loud&Clear lead the way in client collaboration. We’ve introduced Agile methodology and Design thinking to some of Australia’s largest organisations through our reverse secondment product and hosting lunch & learns in collaboration with client leads.

We’re proud of our ability to scale quickly on projects, and reach the sort of velocity that allows organisations to test and build innovative, game-changing, customer-centric ideas and products, and still be first to market.